Our Dominican Republic farm is named after the county’s protector, La Altagracia, which means “high grace.”  We need her blessing to help meet the many challenges of improving the quality of life for our farm community, the workers and small growers, and their families and neighbors.

When we came to this mountain community, the land was used-up, deforested, and eroded.  The coffee industry was one of poverty with both severe economic and social stratification.  Beyond growing coffee we chose to work for all the social, environmental, spiritual, and political issues that comprise sustainability.

We are Bill Eichner, an ophthalmologist with farmer roots in Nebraska, and Julia Alvarez, a writer and teacher and a native of the Dominican Republic.  Our farm sits on a couple of hundred acres in the mountains above Jarabacoa.  We dream of enriching the human community, empowering farmers and their families to read and write, to feel pride in their stewardship of the land, and be paid fairly for their labor.  We dream that from this place named Alta Gracia, high grace will spread to our neighbors beyond our small farm and beyond our small country.

Coffee tastes better when birds sing over it.”  –JA

Andres Los Mar
Pre-pulping cherries In the library Harvesting coffee